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Materials Atelier: Building relationships with materials and making ideas visible

September 17, 2016

Presented by Jordan Guillory

In our morning session, participants will have experiences with clay, wire and natural materials. During this time, we will build a relationship with the material in its rawest form, use tools to extend and expand the language of the material, and collaborate and co-construct with others to further our understanding of the materials.

In our afternoon session, we will focus on making ideas visible using materials. Using outdoor ateliers for inspiration, we will work together to construct meaning and ideas that will then be made visible using materials from our morning session. This work will take place in outdoor spaces in smaller groups.


  • for participants to begin a relationship with the language of the materials
  • to collaborate and co-construct with colleagues
  • to make ideas visible representations


Nueva School

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Observing the children's conversations and dialogue without me interfering and interjecting in any way has been really valuable, because I have noticed they have an ongoing dialogue that maybe would not have happened if I interjected at certain points.